Saratoga Bridges White Party

On behalf of over 830 individuals and their families we serve, we are extremely grateful to the tremendous support Steven Brundage displays towards our agency.  As a deeply committed partner, he continues to demonstrate a genuine amount of appreciation to our individuals and towards the compassionate care our dedicated staff performs each and every day.  He realizes the vital importance of our crucial services we provide and is more than willing to assist us in any way he can.  And, for that we can say Steven is a true DIFFERENCE MAKER!

Most recently, Steven was a perfect addition to our Annual Gala “The White Party!”  He arrived early, was prepared and impressed everyone – even other magicians.  Steven combined humor, innovative tricks and genuine skill to the amazement of every guest regardless of age.  He is thoroughly charming, entertaining and full of fun.  When he performed, we were all engaged in his ability and inventiveness.  We truly believe anyone who includes Steven Brundage into their event, show or party, will not be disappointed!


– Pamela Polacsek, Communications Specialist, Saratoga Bridges